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Skilled Authors
Virtual Worlds

About Us

We're proud to cooperate with award-winning and bestselling authors to create experiences that resonate in XR. Have a story you would like to share or promote on our channels? Contact us to find out more!

Who is
AS 360?

We're the first (as far as we know) micro VR audiobook publisher. We're creating a literary space in VR by turning language-rich stories into atmospheric audio story 3D experiences powered by Unreal Engine

Our AI Policy

Our stories are 100% written by human authors who love their craft. Our virtual sets are hand-designed using Unreal Engine. Our AI use is limited to thumbnail art, voice-overs that do not impersonate real people or celebrities, quality enhancement, film production features included in our software, and some social media text.

Meet the Team

Morgan Karpiel

Morgan Karpiel

Founder, writer, and author of award-winning commercial, branding, and fiction work, Morgan is focused on bringing rich-language stories to XR channels.

Joanna d'Angelo

Joanna d'Angelo

An editor and writing coach for bestselling authors, Joanna helps every writer she works with to craft compelling stories and grow loyal audiences.

Join Us!

If you are a writer or a storyteller, and you would like to see your work adapted as a VR audio story, we invite you to contact us for details on how we can help. Together, we can create a literary space in VR!

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